Broadband Wireless Access

Broadband Wireless Access

Within any given metropolitan, suburban or rural area, broadband wireless access is by far the easiest and most cost-effective way to realize your high performance network. Whether you're creating a network from scratch, or need to augment or replace your existing wire line links, broadband wireless access is the most reliable and cost-effective, high-speed data networking alternative you should know more about.

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There is an obvious and increasing need for bandwidth. Multimedia content, such as Video, Music, Clips or Movies have been feeding this intrinsic infatuation for more capacity – This phenomenon has not only materialized in the U.S.A., but everywhere around the globe.

e-Government refers to the use by government agencies of information technologies (such as Wide Area Networks, the Internet, and mobile computing) that have the ability to transform relations with citizens, businesses, and other arms of government. These technologies can serve a variety of different ends: better delivery of government services to citizens, improved interactions with business and industry, citizen empowerment through access to information, or more efficient government management.

Wireless systems today need to be robust, reliable and secure. Deployment of a trully scalable and secure wireless broadband systems can eliminate the need and cost of trenching fiber optic cable and long runs of wires required to network large facilities.

There is still a substantial minority of the worldwide population which does not have access to the most elementary means of communications. These disparities have propelled Wireless as the only alternative to bridge this gap and deliver rudimentary telephony or high-speed internet access to underserved geographic areas.

Put simply, wireless is the lowest cost and most easily implemented solution today for the last mile. Softtech Broadband Wireless Access solutions support multiple wireless network topologies and network management functions, including bandwidth management, traffic shaping, QoS and security for reliable delivery of data, voice and video services.

At Softtech, we have thoughtfully designed our product line, with the belief that Carriers, Telcos and Internet Service Providers should not be put in a position where their infrastructure investment become obsolete every 2 years. Opposed to this singular concept, we believe that infrastructure should be highly scalable and versatile, offering seamless migration from one technology to another, from one standard to another or from one frequency to another without having to reconsider or rethink the whole network infrastructure.


Better Than Wired Networks
Broadband wireless connectivity gives you wire line performance without wire line costs and wire line restrictions. Operating in the 900MHz, 2.4 GHz or 5.x GHz license-free spectrum (means no recurring license fees) or in 2.3 - 2.4GHz, 2.5 - 2.7GHz, 3.4 to 3.7GHz licensed band. And because you own your infrastructure, there are no monthly line costs and no dependency on telephone companies. Broadband wireless means freedom for your ISP business.

Simplicity and Flexibility
Deploy faster, more easily and less expensively than wired line links and modify quickly to meet your changing connectivity needs. A broadband wireless network gives you the flexibility to painlessly add or eliminate locations or secure additional bandwidth. While our web-based GUI solutions give you the simplicity to manage your network from wherever you are.

Speed and Reach
Throughput several times faster than wired line alternatives and the ability to deploy virtually anywhere- urban, suburban, and rural locations.

Reliability and Security
Wireless networks are reliable with high availability and consistent throughput over a long distance. Barriers to physical tapping and IEEE802.11i standard with 128 bit AES based encryption give considerable inherent security in wireless networks.

Economy and Pricing
Connecting LANs together using wireless links is significantly less expensive than upgrading existing wires or laying new ones. Wireless infrastructure needs less maintenance than wire line infrastructure, cutting down your overheads. SOFTTECH helps service providers around the world deploy wireless networks, quickly, efficiently and affordably. Our solutions provide tremendous cost savings, easy management, and enable strong customer retention and loyalty.

Key Features

  • Broadband Access / Service Provider

  • Multi-Frequency / Multi-Mode / Multi-Standards

  • Performance, Dependability, and Versatility

  • Scalability, Low-Cost, Flexibility

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