Professional Services offer
a wide array of services:

  • Implementation
  • Custom Training
  • On-Demand Administration
  • Integration and Consulting


Started in 2002 – specialized in Software Development, having until 2013 more than 500 Software platforms applied in many fields.

The most important Software platforms that can be mentioned are:

  • Gambling, Bingo and National Lottery software for african countries

  • Best SEO Software (Money Robot Submitter)

  • Most powerful SEO software available on the market.

  • Curently developing Antivirus database for Windows operation system, Android and iphone.

  • Document Management for Inter-Ministerial Relations, Parliament Laws Relations and Districts Relations;

  • Management Software for Traffic of Trains/Ships/Planes

  • Cars Management and Systematic of Traffic software

  • Citizen public records software

  • Face recognition of a person from a digital photo and/or video from a group of persons

  • Population Census Software

  • Electoral Software for African Countries

  • Long Distance Wireless Software Applications

  • Long Distance Wireless Video Surveillance Software (VSS)

  • Medical Software Platform (MedPro) (used by more than 1.000 Doctors)

  • Real Estate Software Platform (ImobilPro) (used by more than 3000 Real estate Agencies)

  • Children Educational Software (Revista copiilor) (more than 1.000.000 users)

  • Children Entertainment Online Platforms (10.000 daily visitors)

  • Online Software Downloading Platform - more than 100.000 software applications with more than 100.000 daily visitors

  • Newspaper online Platforms

  • Online Trading platform for:

- Oil Petroleum: d2 gas oil; kerosene jet fuel; mazut;

- construction products : cement;

- food products : fish, rice, sugar,vegetable oil, water

- metals : gold bare, gold bullion, gold dust,

- others : diamonds , coal,

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